Miss Jetset

Hey Lovelies!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Quick question. Who saw Black Panther over the weekend?? I did!

Anywho today I want to inform you all about a competition that I am in. I’m in the 2018 Miss Jetset Cover Model Search! I am so happy I’ve been given this opportunity because modeling is my passion and I’ve been working hard for years to make my dreams come true. Winning this competition could open so many doors.

However, for this competition I need a lot of help. The competition is won through public voting, so I need votes to win. Down below I will post the link you can go to so you can vote for me. There are two options: the first is a donation to the B Positive fund, which is for childhood cancer patients (so it’s a good cause) and option 2 is a free daily vote (must have Facebook if you choose this option).

The competition ends April 11th (God willing I make it that far) and I would love all of your support.

Please vote for me —> http://www.jetsetmag.com/model-search/2018/brandi-gibson

After you vote please comment on this post so I can personally thank you!

Follow me on social media:

IG: bmichellegibs

SC: branmichelle14

Twitter: bran_michelle14

Facebook: Brandi Michelle

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