Wedding Attire

Hey Lovelies!

So today I have a post that I wasn’t exactly sure about posting. Don’t worry it’s nothing serious, but you can definitely learn something from me.

This past weekend I attended my cousin’s wedding. Now I’ve known about this wedding for months, and yet I still waited until the last second to find something to wear. Soon it was the day before the wedding…yes you read that correctly, the day before the wedding and I still didn’t have a dress. My procrastination had gotten the best of me, I still needed to find a nice dress. With it being too late to order something I went to the mall.

I spent a whopping hour and a half walking in and out of stores where I searched the racks for a black dress. I was set on wearing a black dress and for some reason I couldn’t find a single one. I stopped at Forever21, H&M, and Charlotte Russe. And when they failed me JcPenny and then Macy’s were my next stops. Finally, in Macy’s I came across a section of nothing but black dresses and suddenly the day began to look up!

Finally I found a dress and also to my surprise it ended up being on sale!


Check out the my wedding attire below!

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