Music Festival Survival Guide

Happy Hump Day!

As I mentioned in my previous post, last weekend I attended Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta. It was a two day festival. I only attended the second night, but it was def a night to remember.

I absolutely love the atmosphere of music festivals. It’s really nothing but love and good energy. But sometimes things happen that you didn’t exactly plan and well I’m here to give you some survival tips from what I experienced. So here are 5 tips!

Music Festival Survival Guide

1. Wear comfortable shoes! Music festivals consist of long days, a lot of standing, and possibly a lot of walking and the last thing want is to regret the shoes you wear. So wear shoes you know your feet will thank you for.

2. Pack for any weather situation! Leading up to the festival I checked the weather on a daily basis. With Hurricane Florence threatening the east coast I was kind of concerned it was going to storm. The forecast predicted nice and sunny…as I got closer to Atlanta it became cloudy. But it only ended up sprinkling a little during a couple performances, and lucky for me I packed a sweatshirt! (Because somehow I’m always cold)

3. Don’t forget a blanket! There will come a time during the long day that you will want to sit down. Unfortunately, my friends and I forgot a blanket, but a guy who was hoping to get lucky saved the day. So once again don’t forget a blanket!

4. Eat before the festival! You can only imagine the amount of over-priced food at a music festival so plain and simple put something on your stomach. Also stay hydrated!

5. Always use the buddy system! Losing a friend during a music festival is a scary experience, especially when they leave their phone behind. So just go everywhere together.

So those were my top 5, the fifth tip being the most important. I can’t wait to head to the next music festival!

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