October Pickups

Hey Lovelies and Happy Friday!!

Time for some pickups! This month was all about face masks…and a couple other products.

Yes to Tomatoes: I bought two different face masks from this brand. One Charcoal and the other Grapefruit. I loved the bubbling effect it has! After using both of these masks my skin felt hydrated and smooth. I definitely recommend this product if it catches your eye.

Freeman Peel Off Gel Mask: Freemans is one my favorite skincare brands and I love their masks. This time I purchased a peel off mask that I’m excited to use. There’s just something relaxing about the peeling off process.

Sephora Green Tea Face Mask: Who doesn’t love a Sephora sheet mask? Plus we all know the benefits of green tea. My skin was inflamed when I did this mask and once I took it off my skin felt a lot more soothed.

Bad Bang Mascara: This is becoming my top mascara to use. It makes my lashes look longer, which is something that isn’t accomplished with all mascaras that I’ve used. This mascara promotes lash growth and it makes your lashes look very natural.

Nail Action…

OPI Black Onyx: A while ago during a trip to the nail salon this was the color I chose. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw this color in Wal-Mart because yes I need my own.

Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield: This base and top coat is a holy grail. Because I like to take steaming hot showers my nails can dull pretty fast. So tip of the day: Apply top coat at least once a week to keep nails looking fresh!

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