New Year, Who Dis

Hey Lovelies and welcome back to the blog!!

Most importantly… Happy New Year!

Just like that another year has ended, but not just another year, a decade.

I’ve never had an issue with the ‘new year, new me’ mantra simply because you ARE allowed to be brand new whenever you choose. If that happens to be the beginning of a new year then so be it, but I’m all for it.

Anywho, I wanted to welcome you guys back and wish you guys all a happy new year and to remind you all to kick ass this year with your goals. In the past I’ve been scared to go through with a lot of things and this year I am ready to push through and kill it with projects and content. I am here to encourage you all to do the same. Forget the fear and just go for it. I know that’s easier said than done, but what’s the worst that could happen?! Let’s do this together!

In the meantime stay tuned for more blog posts, more Youtube videos, more fashion looks, more everything. And I look forward to see all of your accomplishments. Let’s make it a great year!

Here’s to 2020!

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