Quarantine & Chill

Welcome to 2020, where the hardest thing to do is stay at home! In the most recent weeks it has been proven that people don’t know how to stay at home.

As an introvert and extreme homebody I’ve had no problem staying home. Of course I’ve had grocery store runs, food runs, and occasional trips to see my family. But I am putting my best foot forward when it comes to social distancing. Now I’m not here to discuss conspiracy theories with you. I am simply here to give you suggestions on what to do while you’re stuck at home. I believe this time is giving everyone the time they need to not only reflect or create, but to relax.

So below you will see my short list of 5 things you can do during this quarantine that will help pass the time. And hopefully we don’t have too much longer on this lockdown.

1. Read a book: I know a lot of people stopped picking up books after they graduated school, maybe this is a good time to get back into reading. Expand your imagination, learn new words. It’s so easy to get lost in a book. Most recently i read a great psychological thriller called Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier, I def recommend it.

2. Clean/Organize: There’s something about cleaning that calms the soul. Throw on some music and organize, deep clean, or secluded. I recently organized my drawers. I also went through some stuff in my closet and got rid of some clutter.

3. Binge watch a show/movie marathon: It’s the age of streaming. You know Netflix, Hulu, and Prime are just to name a few. The options for a show or movie are pretty much unlimited. A few shows I’ve watched recently are Ozark, The Strain, Tiger King. Next up I finally plan on watching the second season of You, I know I’m late.

4. Indulge in some self care: As a skincare junkie I’ve given myself like 5 at home facials, ok i’m exaggerating but you get the point. A good cleanse, exfoliation, mask routine will be fun and your skin will definitely thank you later. I believe Ulta is closed, but head over to Walmart or Target and get a couple masks. And who doesn’t love an at home spa day anyway?

5. Sleep/Rest: There’s nothing wrong with this one. During this time get some rest. Self reflect as you lay in bed. Dream as much as you want. This is a weird time for all of us, so try your best to stay sane.

I hope this list helps all of you through this tough/weird time. We are all going to get through this. We are all learning lessons during this time and it’s going to make all us stronger and wiser. Comment below and let me know what you’ve been up to during quarantine.

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