My Skincare Routine

Hey Lovelies and welcome back to the blog! I hope we are all still surviving this pandemic and quarantine.

Today I want to share my skincare routine and tell you all about the products I use on a daily basis. I cannot wait for all of this to be over so I can make a trip to Ulta and try out some new products.

If you have oily skin I recommend these products, as that is my skin type. I consider my routine pretty minimal and have learned that sometimes less is more. Check out the products below. I’ve even added the bonus products like my exfoliator/scrub and mask that I am currently using.

Facial Cleanser: To cleanse my face I use Botanics Cleansing Foam Wash. I absolutely love this cleanser. I’ve used if for a while now. It’s very light and foams up immediately. What I love about the Botanics line is that they use natural ingredients in their products. I am running low and am planning on switching up the cleanser I use only because I am a skincare junkie, but this is one that I will always return to. You can find this product at Ulta or Walgreens, and it’s very affordable.

Toner: I actually recently started using toner. I never really thought I needed toner until I noticed how big my pores are plus there are other benefits of toner such as balancing the pH of your skin. The toner I opted for was the Botanics Mattifying Toner. After a couple days of use I noticed a difference in my skin and I am so happy I’ve added toner to my skincare routine.

Serums & Oils: After I tone, in the morning, I use a vitamin C serum. At night, after I tone, I use rose hip seed oil. I use both of those products to target hyperpigmentation. But they do have other various benefits that are great for any skincare concern. Both are The Ordinary products.

Mousturizer: Then I finish off with moisturizer. The goat is Aveeno. No matter what brand I try I always go back to Aveeno. It has SPF in it and it’s very light weight, and my skin does not feel greasy. I love this moisturizer and I don’t think I’ll ever change that.

Other Skincare Products

Scrub: About twice a week I incorporate a scrub into my routine. The scrub I’ve been using for a couple weeks is another product from the Botanics line. Although I’ve only been using this for a couple weeks I love the feel. My previous scrub was another from the Botanics brand. This scrub has pieces of walnut shell and apricot as some of the ingredients. Scrubs are essential because you want to remove the dead skin and buildup of oil, so make sure you do them a couple times a week.

Mask: Another part of my skincare routine that I do a couple times a week is a mask. I have SO many masks but the one I’m using right now is from Ulta. It’s the Ulta Beauty mud mask that comes in various ingredients. I’ve used the ginger and turmeric mask and loved it. Also even though the pouch says 3 or 4 uses, you actually get like 8!

So that is my skincare routine, what I do and what products I use. Let me know what products you guys are using. And is there something you do differently in your routine? Comment below!

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