A Hair Journey: Part 2

Hi Lovelies and welcome back to the blog!!

I’ve done a thing!!

About two weeks I decided to do a twist out on my hair. I had high expectations for the final result, but unfortunately it was a rude awakening.

As I mentioned in my previous hair post, I did the ‘big chop’ about 3 years ago. Since then I have not had a proper trim. I’ve kept my hair in braids as a protective style. When my hair isn’t in braids I wear it in a pony or space buns (my fave).

Anywho, back to the twist out. I washed and conditioned my hair, put in leave conditioner, and then my wonderful mother did a flat twist out. I kept the twist out in for A WEEK! I was prepared to have a head full of curls. Unfortunately, as my mom began take down the twist I was met with dry, shapeless hair. That is the reality of having unhealthy hair.

I threw my hair in a high pony and contemplated what I was going to with my hair next. One thing was clear I needed to cut those dead/damaged ends off. Instead of waiting longer and longer, I went into action. I started watching Youtube videos on hair cutting natural hair and then went to Sally’s and purchased hair shears.

Finally the day came for me to cut my hair. I winged it but accomplished what I wanted for the most part. After I cut my hair it looked so much healthy and I also noticed a big difference in my curls instantly.

My goal is to have healthy hair. So I’m going to start incorporating things I usually don’t do when it comes to by hair such as making sure it’s covered at night and continuing to do protective styles and making sure my hair is moisturized. I absolutely cannot wait to see my curls flourish. So if you needed a sign to cut your hair this is it!!

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