The Halfway Mark

Hey Lovelies and welcome back to the blog. I hope everyone is surviving through this crucial time.

I had something planned, but decided against posting due to recent events. I didn’t want to post something on the blog and end up ranting too much, but what is happening lately makes me very emotional. The video of George Floyd being murdered made me cry in a way that gave me chills.

Black Lives Matter. Point. Blank. Period. I am super proud of everyone around the country, even the world, that are protesting. All I ask is that you stay safe.

image from twitter

I also wanted to make sure everyone is having a good year despite all of the inconveniences, such as Covid, and the emotional state of another black man being killed by another white police officer. I’m here to tell you to keep going. Things are going to continue to happen but things will also get better. Let’s all continue to take this day by day.

The year is halfway over and some people feel as if it’s ruined, and although the year isn’t going how most of us planned, we all still live another day. We must not forget that.

Anywho, I could go on and on but I will cut it short. Til next time guys. Stay safe.

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