Beauty Pickups

Hey Lovelies and welcome back to the blog!!

Finally the time has come for some pickups!! I was finally able to make a trip to Ulta where I was able to do my favorite activity of perusing the aisles of makeup and skincare items. I already had a list of exactly what I wanted and left with everything on that list. Check out my pickups below!!

Tony Moly Sheet Mask: These are my favorite masks. I’ve mentioned them before. I highly recommend them, and I love that they have a variety for different skin concerns. Anything that will hydrate my skin is usually what I choose. My two favorites are the Lavender and Rice masks.

Urban Skin Rx Super Glow Serum: I recently purchased some Urban Skin Rx products and while I was at Target I saw this and immediately knew I needed to get it. It has a very interesting smell, very acidic, but after applying it it faded. My skin was definitely glowing after I applied it.

Daily Concepts Daily Lip Scrubber: This little gadget is perfect. Yes you can use your fingers to do lip scrubs but having a little scrubber makes perfect sense and does twice the work a finger does. My lips were soft and supple after using my new lip scrubber.

Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Hydrating Eye Gel: I’ve been looking for a new eye gel after finishing my Botanics Eye Roll and I came across this one. Aloe Vera has many benefits, so I figured this would be a good choice. I love it so far, even though it seems like a small quantity you don’t need a lot for each use.

K Aesthetics Rejuvenating Gold Hydrogel Under Eye Patch: I couldn’t wait to get some eye masks!!! Korean skincare is the goat so I got these. I’ve never had any issues with under eye puffiness or dark circles, but I definitely want to prevent it. These were super cool, I loved the way they felt. There wasn’t much of a difference but I’m sure after a couple uses I’ll see a difference.

I loved each of these products and I definitely recommend each one. Tell me what products you’ve been using and stay tuned for the next round of pickups!

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