Skincare Additions

Hey Lovelies and welcome back to the blog!

The past few days I’ve been seeing a lot of facebook statuses about what to use for skincare. So I wanted to take the time and tell you about some new items I’ve added to my routine.

I made a trip specifically for a new face wash and ended getting a lot more than that. Does that happen to anyone else? Like usual I picked up a handful of the TonyMoly masks, this time getting new ones like avocado and pearl. Then I got two exfoliating products.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel: I love this!! You can visibly see the dead skin when you use it. After washing your face, you rub this mask on your face until clumps of dead skin form, and then you rinse. It’s super cool and you only need to use it a couple times a week.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads: The other exfoliating product I got were these pads that can be used daily to help exfoliate and brighten the skin. They’re are fragrance free and I love the textured side that you rub on your face.

I absolutely love both of these products and can not wait to see the changes over time. As I’ve mentioned before hyperpigmentation is my main skin concern so these products will get rid of that dead skin and help bring new skin to the surface.

Make sure you check out my other skin care product blog post, and let me know what products you are using.

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