Skincare Pickups

Hey Lovelies and wecome back to the blog?

I’ve been getting back into my routine of trying skincare products and I cannot wait tell you ladies and gents all about my recent pickups!! Check them out below.

Earth to Skin Tea Time Green Tea Toner: I LOVE this toner. It feels so refreshing on my skin. I usually switch products constantly trying to find the right one and this one is definitely the best to me. This toner has green tea extracts which is good for tightening the skin cells. It also has other ingredients that help cell turnover. As someone who is on a hyperpigmentation journey I feel as if I’ve finally gotten a product great for my skin concern.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer: I already have this same brand of daily moisturizer but because I use products that target hyperpigmentation it is recommended to use a higher SPF. This moisturizer has an SPF of 30, my previous moisturizer has an SPF of 15. See where I’m going? So this moisturizer is now my daytime moisturizer and I’ve moved my other moisturizer to be my nighttime moisturizer. Keep in mind with hyperpigmentation if you do not use an SPF your dark spots will get darker!

The Ordinary Niacinamide: I’ve seen this product come up so much recently that I decided to purchase it because it is another great product for hyperpigmentation. I did notice a good bit of very small bumps on my face after two days of usage so I have stopped using it for now. I’m going to do more research and come back to it and see if anything changes. Skincare tip: Not all products pair well with each other!

The Ordinary AHA + BHA Peeling Solution: This is another product I saw on social media, specifically tiktok. This product I also love. I have only used this product once as it is a weekly usage type of product so I can’t wait to see how it changes my skin over time. There was a slight tingle while the mask was on, but nothing too unbearable.

Sooae Hemp Dreams Sheet Mask: I’ve been interested in hemp products for a while but haven’t tried any. When I saw this mask I knew it would be a good start. There was a lot of product on this mask that it ended up dripping in my eye. That’s not a deal breaker but it was a hassle. However my skin was soft and I love the fact that there is eucalyptus in this mask.

Aveeno Oat Mask: Fun fact about myself: When I was a child I had excema and had to take oat meal baths to sooth my skin. So when I saw this mask I KNEW I had to have it. I bought three different kinds that’s how much I wanted these masks. The three I purchased was the pumpkin seed extract, pomegranate seed extract, and moringa seed and vitamin e. So far I’ve only used the moringa seed one and it was lovely. I absolutely cannot wait to use the others and I plan on buying the bigger container of whichever I think will be best for my skin.

That’s it for this round of skincare pickups. I hope some of these help you. I have oily skin so products I purchase are geared towards that. I also am on a hyperpigmentation journey so I also get products for that skincare concern. Make sure you guys tell me what products you’re using in the comments! Til next time lovelies!

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