Diamond Girl

Hey yall and welcome back to the blog! I havent had a song of the day in a while so today is a good day for one. Like usual, choosing a song of the day is a semi-hard thing because there are so many song to choose from. Recently I randomly thought of a song... Continue Reading →

Bad Intentions

Happy Hump Day! Today I have a song of the day. I have no idea who this artist is, but I do know who Migos is. I didn't even know this song was released years ago, but who cares...if I like it then I'll listen to it. I heard this song at work and ever... Continue Reading →

Work Hard, Play Hard

Hey Lovelies! I hope you're all having a great year so far. Yes, I know we're only 10 days in! It's been a while since I've done a song of the day, and since I love throwbacks and today is Thursday, why not? This song is a fave and it's also my mood for the... Continue Reading →

1st of the Month

How is it already November? How?! Anywho, I think it's time bring this song out for song of the day. It's a classic and you have to admit this song gets you going. I actually have many songs to get me amp, this is just one of many. Wake up, it's the first of the... Continue Reading →

Feelin’ So Good

Music is my medicine. I've been in a bit of a funk lately and I have a playlist dedicated to getting me out of that funk. It's a playlist that consists of stay motivated and you're a bad b*tch tunes. Today's song is one that I recently rediscovered. It's also a throwback...you know because it's... Continue Reading →

I Like That

Hey Lovelies! This past weekend was definitely one for the books. I went to the Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate my birthday. Within minutes of being inside the park I remembered why I love music festivals so much. It was a 2 day festival full of artist that I listen to including... Continue Reading →


Hey Lovelies! Last week Nicki dropped her album Queen and although I haven't listened to it yet I still wanted to make a song from the album a song of the day. So obviously since I haven't listened to the album, it's a song that dropped a couple months ago. *For the record I barely... Continue Reading →

Mob Ties

Hello to my fellow Drake fans. So pretty much you should already know what the song is. On June 29th Drake released Scorpion. Of course I couldn't wait to listen and soak up all his new music. I love how there was an A and B side, and both with different vibes. I have a... Continue Reading →

Sky Walker

TGIF! I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that you can expect a new blog post every Friday until further notice. Whenever I decide to change my post schedule I will most definitely let you guys know. Anywho, today I have a song of the day. Although this song came out a... Continue Reading →

Learn to Let Go

Hey yall! Today on this lovely Sunday I have a song of the day for you. I fell in love with this song while I was in H&M shopping (pre monkey incident). Thanks to Shazam I was able to find out the title and artist of the song. And just like I always do...I listened... Continue Reading →

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